• Heating Media : Electric
  • Maximum Temperature : 150Deg C

  • To fulfill the heating needs of compartments that require considerably low temperatures, we design and manufacture.

  • Industrial Axial fan heaters.

  • Industrial Centrifugal Blower Heating systems.

  • Natural Convection Air Heating

  • Once manufactured at our facility, these fan heaters can be easily installed in air circulation ducts.

  • All models are available in stainless steel and mild steel.


Can be accommodated in the existing system – The fan heaters can be installed in already existing circulation ducts. This marginally reduces the total project cost.

Safe to use.

Temperature Stability – Double temperature protection fail-safe comes as a standard. Various other controlling devices can be accommodated as per user requirement. This minimizes error and prevents fatal accidents.

Low operating costs.


Custom Designed – Every part of the system is designed as per the user requirements. The fans and heating coils are designed considering the required flow rate and temperature. This ensures the shortest heating times possible.