To prepare and transfer the process heat to sensitive raw material for continuous production is always a major task and our systems help you achieve just that. To help achieve our clients maximum from the systems, our designs are always based on the following design principles.


Air is the medium used in the process of indirect heating. Once heated, circulation plays a major role in maintaining temperature with the use of minimum energy. We have developed various circulation patterns based on material properties.

While designing a heating system, we ensure homogeneous heating patterns throughout the chamber. This is achieved by developing an effective circulation.

Effective circulation also plays a major role in making the system energy efficient and shorting heating times and it offers homogeneous heating into all surfaces inside compartment.

Our industry-leading feature of rotary drums is another step in the direction of homogeneous heating to all the potions of the material.


Various safety options are provided in our systems in order to ensure safe operation.

A standard feature installed in all our systems is equipped to set batch timers, various types of heating profiles, various temperature settings including maximum temperature to sound an alarm. Our compartmentalized heating lets you monitor not only internal temperature but also actual material temperature for safety.

Some materials are prone to the risk of spillage on heating. To counter that risk we have included spillage containment trays at the bottom that sound an alarm in case of spillage. The materials that are heated are often flammable or costly. Hence a simple valve is provided to take out spilled material.

An open door might cause fatal accidents. To ensure the safety of everyone using our systems we provide a door sensor interlocked with the blowers. This ensures safe and efficient operation.

In case of indirect heating air is used as a media to transfer the heat. The air circulated in the system often gets contaminated with a harmful material. The exhaust blower ensures cleaner air for the surrounding. It can be interlocked with the door sensors or batch timings.

An internal fire extinguishing pipeline can be provided that eases the efforts of a fireman in case of a fire.


The operating cost of the system always plays a vital role in implementing of any industrial system. Our systems are designed to achieve maximum efficiency while inflicting minimum cost to the user.

After installation of numerous systems in the country and even abroad, it has been proved not just by our internal inspections but from various clients.

Robust construction that can withstand rigorous production schedule without breakdowns. All the systems are designed after carefully considering the material properties and the industry requirements.

  • User friendly operation
  • Easy replaceable with current technology.
  • Digital communication with Various DCSs on MODBUS and ETHERNET portal.
  • Universally available standardize parts.


  • An Exhaust blower to be fitted in order to remove any contaminated air in the heating chamber after heating. This ensures minimum exposure of the user to chemical.

  • Drum rotating feature.(Specially for MDI Drums).

  • Spillage containment trays are provided at the bottom coupled with alarms that ensure safe heating and minimize the wastage of material in case of an accident.

  • Door limit switches coupled with the main system controls, are placed on our systems in order to prevent accidents due to human error.

  • Independent fire extinguishing system can be fitted in the heating compartments.

  • The heating compartment can be modified for as per the varying requirement of drum heaters. This option lets user close compartments when not in use and minimizes the power consumption.

  • Temperature probes can be made available to control or monitor actual material temperature inside the drum or IBC.

  • Nitrogen purging.