Flameproof Heating Mantle for Laboratory

  • Material of Construction – M.S./S.S.304/316/Aluminium Available as options
  • Operating Temperature – up to 300°C
  • Capacity – From 5Ltrs to 300Ltrs, Round bottom Glass flask or Cylindrical Flask
  • Heating Medium – Electrical Flameproof Heating Elements
  • Optional Equipment – Digital Thyristorised temp controller provided with CMRI certified control panels
  • Insulation – Glass wool insulation provided
  • Suitable for Hazardious atmosphere in laboratories and pilot plants

Flameproof heating mantles are also designed in the capacity of 5,10,20,50,100 and 200 liters ranging from 600W to 7200W. The working voltage is 230V or 440v as per wattage. The flameproof heating mantles are protected with its elements are protected inside FLP terminal box. The heating tubes are also covered in magnesium oxide and anti-corrosive S.S. Tubing. The heating element sheet is earth through junction box. This prevents sparking or short circuit in the event of spillage. To prevent any heat loss and better insulation, fiberglass cloth is used to cover heating elements, ceramic insulating blanket and glass wool. A good quality LM-6 grade aluminum casting is used for outer body of switch enclosure, cold junction box that provides protection.

Figure 1

Figure 1. Metal sheeted heating element produces uniform black heat. Fibreglass cloth is used to cover the heating element, ceramic insulting blanket,refractory insulator,glasswool etc is used for-insulation purpose.

Figure 2

Detail of heating elements fitting shown in figure 2