• Material of Construction : Mild Steel/S.S.304/316 available.
  • Operating Temperature : 200Deg C.
  • Capacity : Single Barrel of 200kg.
  • Heating Medium : Electrical Flameproof Heating Elements.
  • Optional Equipment : Bottom heater, CMRI certification.
  • Installation Site : Movable equipment.
  • Potability : Wheel provided to open side jackets and for loading drums.

Single drum heating systems are designed for smaller requirements. Electrical tube heaters are fitted in order to provide circumferential heating. Also, a bottom heater is provided that shortens the melting time.

The system is provided with multiple wheels which make it easily portable to the required location. An additional lid is fitted on the top to ensure the safety of the user and prevent fatal accidents.

The product can be made available in mild steel and stainless steel options. The single drum systems are also fitted with dual temperature controllers. Additional sensors to measure actual material temperature can be made available.

Single Drum Heaters